August 14, 2018

Hope + Mario | Arnold Arboretum Engagement

I can't believe that Hope and Mario's wedding has already come and gone! This past weekend was a beautiful wedding, and getting to know the pair over the past nine months has been an absolute pleasure. From our first meeting over coffee, to a venue walk-thru and of course, their engagement session, it's been a quick, but wonderful journey, and I am honored that I have been able to document this time in their lives. But before I share what was an incredible wedding this past weekend, I want to post a few (more like a lot) of my favorites from their sweet, bloom-filled engagement session back in late May at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, MA.

Hope and Mario met and became friends through City Year Boston, a non-profit dedicated to helping students and their schools succeed. If you spend any time in Boston, you may have seen City Year staff commuting around in their bright red coats. While friends at first, they later began dating with their first date taking place during a snowstorm. Hope (and now Mario) is an active member in the IGBoston Community, and as the snow was falling, they walked around the city taking pictures and learning more about one another. This chilly evening marked the beginning of something truly special.

Initially hoping to stroll the city on a winter evening for their engagement session, we ultimately chose to enjoy early spring in the Arboretum, a location in the city Hope and Mario really enjoy. I am so happy with our decision, and we couldn't have picked a more beautiful night, the park was stunning in the early-evening light. As we slowly meandered the walkways, we chatted all about their impending nuptials and my evening with Hope and Mario was an evening well spent.

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